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Both selections include a full day's coverage starting with bride and groom
preparations continuing through the ceremony and ending after a predetermined
point in the reception. The team consists of two cinematographers for both
the Highlight Film and Feature Film. With both options, you will receive a
digital copy of all of the raw footage filmed on your wedding day.

Feature Films combine the best elements of a cinematic Highlight Film with that of a documentary. Typically, they are anywhere from 12 to 14 minutes in length. Feature Films are edited much like a series of shorter highlight films with portions of documentary used in-between as a narrative thread weaving the acts of your wedding film together. This combination and style of editing creates an entertaining film that keeps your interest from start to finish.

feature film

highlight film

Our cinematic Highlight Films average between four to six minutes. They are the perfect length to share with family and friends or for posting online for everyone to enjoy. The Highlight Film is an entertaining and dramatic mix of the most memorable moments from your wedding day with the emphasis on matching beautiful visuals to compelling sound and music.